We buy back HAUT clothes any time, because we value them

We buy back HAUT clothes any time, because we value them

At HAUT we believe that maximizing the longevity of clothing has the biggest impact on sustainability.

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world and fast fashion amplifies this trend. Overproduction is the norm. Fast fashion companies advertise the need to always buy the newest trendy clothing in contrast to building a connection to valued pieces. Instead of refurbishing loved clothing a cheap new piece is bought.

.HAUT makes individually sized high quality clothing with a design that can stand the test of time. At the end of the products life for its first owner, we buy back the clothing we produced. This allows us to take care of our clothes and give them another life. The increase in overall lifetime of the produced clothing dramatically decreases the environmental impact.

HAUT aims to make environmentally sustainable designs, without compromising on ethics or the inherent quality.

All photographs for HAUT are works of Atsushi Kakefuda. Rather than professional models HAUT’s clients pose for our photographs. We find it an honest way of communicating how our designs will look in reality, without promoting the false beauty standard widely adopted in the fashion industry. The professional photo shoot in their individually sized clothes is a unique experience for our customers.

Atsushi is based in Berlin. He is able to transfer quality and timelessness on film, while capturing the mood and atmosphere in thoughtful portraits. Atsushi works with traditional film and digital cameras. You can have a look on more of his works on Instagram @atsushikakefuda