1. Introduction – We talk about which item you would like to order.

2. Sketches – We make 3 sketches of original designs for you.

3. We choose one design and talk through details, colors and fabrics that will be used. We take your measurements.

4. Prototype – Individual pattern will be drafted after your measurements, prototype from muslin will be created.

5. 1st fitting. We do the 1st fitting with muslin prototype to check the fit, silhouette and design proportions. After the fitting the alterations are done and we cut the main fabric.

6. 2nd fitting. 2nd fitting will be done after we cut the main fabric to check for perfect fit

7. Personal pick-up or delivery via post.


At HAUT, we focus on quality and refuse to compromise. Quality fabrics, quality workmanship and quality design.

We design pieces with longevity and functionality in mind. Pieces that can stand the test of time, whilst still expressing your personal individuality.

The HAUT concept doesn’t stop there. When we say ‘we want it to stand the test of time’, we’re dead serious. We take full responsibility for our products.

If your HAUT piece rips or tears, we will mend it. We also offer free size adjustments so that when you change – your HAUT pieces can change with you.

We will even buy back any HAUT product for material cost price, and revamp it for sale on our ‘Second Chance Line’.

Our goal is that HAUT never becomes waste.



HAUT is not just a designer brand – it’s an entirely new way of thinking about sustainable fashion.

It’s very trendy to talk about sustainability in the fashion these days, particularly regarding materials and fabrics – which is great progress for the industry.

But at HAUT, we’re not about trends. We’re here for the long haul. We believe sustainability is too – but there’s one key element missing: long lasting products.

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